DuPage Symphony Orchestra

DuPage Symphony Orchestra

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Website: http://dupagesymphony.org


 PO Box 844, Naperville, IL 60566

The DuPage Symphony Orchestra is made up of highly talented volunteer musicians, all eager to share their love of music with listeners of all ages.

Classical music offers numerous benefits:

  • Listening to music provides inspiration, promotes relaxation, sparks creativity, boosts memory, reduces stress, alleviates depression, and helps those with special needs communicate.
  • Studying music at a young age helps increase vocabulary, builds self-esteem, promotes creativity, and improves physical dexterity.
  • Performing music teaches self-discipline, teamwork, and emotional expression.

Hearing music in live performance is one of the most thrilling experiences of all: the music sounds vibrant, immediate, and alive; you can literally feel the passion of the players on stage; and you, the listener, become part of a very special musical journey.

Whether you are a music aficionado who wants to know more about our rich and varied repertoire or a brand new listener who wants to understand the very basics of orchestral music, we can assure you that our DSO concerts provide an exceptional listening experience for all.

The DSO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your support as a patron, subscriber, volunteer, or donor helps:

  • Create an outlet for talented, local musicians to share their passion of music with the community.
  • Inspire people of all ages to develop a deeper appreciation for music.
  • Provide real-life orchestral experiences for area students.