Hinsdale Chamber Seeking Farmers Market Manager

Hinsdale Chamber Seeking Farmers Market Manager

Posted by Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce

Posted: Mar, 14, 2018


Website: http://www.hinsdalechamber.com/jobs/info/accounting-hinsdale-chamber-seeking-farmers-market-manager



 22 E First St, Hinsdale, IL, Unknown

    • The Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce seeks to hire a part-time Farmers Market Manager who will bring enthusiasm and dedication to promoting and operating the Farmers Market in downtown Hinsdale.

      The Hinsdale Chamber is looking for an individual to manage business operations for the Market and coordinate farmer and public relations. Candidates should be energetic and committed to the success of the Hinsdale Farmers Market.

      The Market is held every Monday from 7 am to 1pm for the entire season scheduled from June 4th, 2018 through October 8th, 2018. Approximately 30 vendors will be participating.

      The Market Manager will implement the Farmers Market Committee’s vision for the Hinsdale Market and work with customers, food purveyors, farmers and other vendors to play a key role in maintaining and promoting positive market activity.

      The Market Manager will perform the following job responsibilities:

      • Coordinate day-to-day operations of the Market: Handle opening and closing on market days- including sign placement each Monday around town
      • Staying onsite during market hours
      • Arranging an information table at market
      • Establish and maintain lines of communication with farmers and other market vendors
      • Maintain relationships with farmers/vendors. Troubleshoot and mediate with vendors as needed Interface and report directly to the Chamber Staff.
      • Schedule/Hours: This is a paid, part-time, seasonal position for 7 hours per week (Time arrival 6:30am; Departure 1:30pm). Attendance at market on Mondays is required. Salary : $75 per week.

      Please contact the Hinsdale Chamber office 630.323.3952