Nancy Chovancek

Nancy Chovancek


   408 E. Indiana St., Wheaton, IL, 60187

I started painting when I took a mixed-media class at the DuPage Art League. I became intrigued with the ability to transfer photos by burnishing them onto a canvas. However, I graduated from that practice and started experimenting with acrylic paints in addition to the molding paste I loved.  Sketching an initial idea on paper can sometimes turn into something completely different on canvas. Colors are very important to me; bold colors seem to be my vibe.

I started with Zentangle about a year ago, and have increased my curiosity of the journaled art from small paper to 12″ x 12″ claybord. The intricacies of zentangle can go on forever, and I love the way my imagination runs on ideas through a simple curve, dot, line or swerve using a thin line of ink. They all tell a story if you look closely at the detail of the drawings. Again, color is always present in my zentangle work where most zentangle pieces are purely black and white.

Architecture, famous phrases and simple words are a pure inspiration to me in the art I create.

Initially, I used to be a Certified Project Manager for over ten years in the telecom industry. It got stale for me—sitting in a cubicle every day and leaving my future up to a bunch of numbskulls— so I quit. I know. Pretty radical, huh? But I had to. My creative side was itching to climb out of my skin. I went to college and got a degree in web design.

Between quitting my job and going to school, I became hard of hearing. I was wearing hearing aids for a few years, but my hearing grew worse to the point of me not being able to articulate speech. I couldn’t use the phone anymore and relied heavily on lip reading and sub-captioning on television which drove my family nuts. Without using the phone for a year, I finally had bi-lateral cochlear implant surgery on February 12, 2009. I have Meniere’s syndrome which caused my deafness.

I’m married to a Colonel in the Army who is also Chief of Staff at Ft. Knox. Am I proud? That’s an understatement. I also have four German Shepherd dogs. You read that right. FOUR. I’m intimately involved with my vacuum cleaner.

I have one son who is 24 and graduating from college. Hopefully, he won’t come home. and two step-sons who are 22 and 20. All are in college and hopefully still alive since they seemed to have forgotten our phone number.

I have two step-sons who are 23 and 21. Both are in college and hopefully still alive since they seemed to have forgotten our phone number along with the oldest kid.

Art holds a deep passion for me. I get lost in the whole process. I forget about the crappy day I had. As Pablo Picasso once said:

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”