Lewis Achenbach

Lewis Achenbach

Artist for Hire - Lecturer/Discussion Leader - Media - Multi-Arts - Painting - Performing Arts - Visual Arts - live painting, live arts, jazz painting, improvisational painting


Website: http://lewisachenbach.com


   1525 N Fanchon St, Wheaton, IL, 60187

Lewis comes from a background in traditional animation in NYC, behavioral health in Pennsylvania, decorative painting and arts advocacy in Chicago. Formally painting music and musicians since 2012. His Jazz Occurrence project pairs the sonic arts and the visual arts. Lewis founded this project to get closer to the music, and produce events where he has the freedom to paint within the sounds of the concert. Lewis has published two books of his own artworks; Hear This Book and the first Jazz Occurrence Coloring book. He has been involved in many Chicago festivals as a featured artist, including the Hyde Park Jazz Fest and the Made In Chicago Festival in Poznan, Poland. This June, Lewis began the first West Chicago Arts Festival.