Marybeth Devine

Marybeth Devine



   9S307 Florence Avenue, Downers Grove, IL, 60516

Artist Statement

I grew up in a house that had picture books of many renowned artists and I discovered art as a child. One of my favorite books had Van Gogh’s sunflower painting on the cover.  I was captivated by scenes of interesting people and places. My favorites were not the realistic paintings but the ones that were vibrant and colorful.  I visited the Art institute of Chicago often, lingering over the paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Sueart, Caillebotte and more.

While in grade school, my favorite pastimes were drawing, painting and coloring.  I pursued art in high school and after high school attend the Art Institute of Chicago.  Before graduating, I changed my major from art to marketing and transferred to DePaul University.  After graduating college, building a career took over, and for a long time, art was no longer a priority. Decades later I finally had the time to return to my favorite pastime and re-discovered the joy of art.

My return started with my first love, watercolor. The enjoyment grew as I grew as an artist, immersing myself in acrylic painting, oil painting and even alcohol inks.  Still unsure of my medium of choice, I just want to paint, with color and form.

Drawn to color, I am on a discovery.  I want to take all that see my paintings on that journey as color, form and, hopefully, beauty flow to them.